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Unleashing Visionary Depth Sensing with Vzense DS77: A Cutting-Edge 3D Depth Time of Flight Camera

Jul 22, 2023

In the realm of advanced imaging technology, 3D depth time of flight cameras has revolutionized various industries by enabling precise depth perception and spatial understanding. Among the key players in this domain, Vzense stands out as a leading provider of state-of-the-art depth sensing solutions. In this article, we will explore the remarkable capabilities of Vzense's flagship product, the DS77—a high-performance 3D depth ToF camera that harnesses the power of Sony Depthsense technology to unlock a new dimension of visual perception.

The Power of 3D Depth Time of Flight Cameras

Depth sensing technology has become a game-changer across numerous sectors, including robotics, augmented reality, automotive, and more. Through the use of infrared light and time of flight measurement, these cameras capture detailed depth information, allowing for accurate object detection, tracking, and spatial mapping. By providing real-time depth data, 3D depth ToF cameras offer unparalleled opportunities for innovation and advancement.

Introducing Vzense: Pioneering Next-Level Depth Sensing

At Vzense, we are proud to be a renowned name in the field of depth sensing solutions. We have always been driven by a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what is possible with our cutting-edge products. Our passion lies in delivering exceptional performance and unwavering reliability, making us synonymous with precision and accuracy in the industry. This commitment to technological excellence is vividly reflected in our flagship product, the DS77 3D depth ToF camera.

DS77: Redefining the Benchmark of Depth Sensing

Our DS77 from Vzense encapsulates the pinnacle of depth sensing technology. Equipped with the Sony Depthsense iToF sensor chip, combined with innovative pixel technologies such as CAPD for precise detection of reflected light phase and back-illuminated CMOS imaging sensor (BSI) for high-speed pixel processing, the DS77 ensures enhanced light collection efficiency and rapid distance measurement. This synergy results in an exceptionally accurate, stable, and high-performance depth data output—making it an ideal choice for demanding industrial applications.

Unleashing the Potential: Key Features of DS77

The DS77 boasts a host of remarkable features that cement its position as a standout performer in the competitive market of 3D depth ToF cameras:

  • Sony DepthSense Technology: Leveraging Sony's state-of-the-art continuous wave iToF technology, DS77 achieves unrivaled stability and precision. With millimeter-level accuracy and an error margin of less than 1%, this camera delivers consistently reliable depth data.

  • High-resolution Depth Imaging: DS77 generates high-resolution 640x480 VGA depth images, enabling detailed and intricate spatial understanding.

  • Versatile Power and Protection: With options for PoE+ power mode and IP67 rating, the DS77 offers flexibility and durability to suit various deployment scenarios.

  • Low Latency Data Transmission: Facilitating seamless integration into real-time systems, the DS77 supports 1000M Ethernet transmission, ensuring minimal data delays.

  • FDA Class I Eye Safety Certification: DS77 prioritizes user safety with its FDA Class I certification, guaranteeing eye-safe operation.


As we delve deeper into the realm of advanced depth sensing, the Vzense DS77 emerges as a formidable contender that combines superior technology, remarkable performance, and innovative features. With its cutting-edge Sony Depthsense iToF sensor chip and a range of exceptional capabilities, the DS77 is reshaping industries by providing precise, stable, and high-resolution depth data. Whether in robotics, augmented reality, or industrial automation, Vzense DS77 stands tall as an unparalleled tool for unlocking the true potential of 3D depth time of flight camera technology.

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