Smart Logistics

  • Smart Logistics
  • · Parcels Recognition and Sorting
    · Palletizing and Depalletizing
    · Dimension Measurement
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Visual Guidance

  • Visual Guidance
  • · Visual Control for Delta Robot
    · Electric Fence
    · Smart Agriculture
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  • AGV
  • · Collision Avoidance
    · Pallet recognition
    · Agriculture AGV
    · Inspection AGV
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Gesture Perception

  • Gesture Perception
  • · People Counting
    · Falling Detection
    · Interactive Gaming
    · Body Scanning
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Vzense 3D ToF Camera is listed as the hottest item of OzRobotics

Apr 13, 2022

OzRobotics is the world's leading high-end technology and product sales website. Its products cover robots, drones, motors, various sensors, and development kits, etc. It provides robot machines, parts and related technical services for global enterprises, universities, robot enthusiasts, geeks and so on.

The DCAM550 Family has received inquiries and orders from customers around the world since it was launched on OzRobotics. This series is specially designed for industrial-grade application scenarios. There is a variety of configurations are available, which is also the reason why it is so popular with customers all over the world.

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