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DS86 vs. DS87: Choosing the Perfect Vzense Depth Camera for Your Needs

Jul 24, 2023

If you're looking for a high-quality RGB-D depth camera, Vzense offers two great options - the DS86 and DS87. Both cameras are equipped with advanced features suitable for various applications. However, choosing between these two cutting-edge products can be quite challenging. This article will help you compare their unique features, specifications, and capabilities to make an informed decision on which camera best suits your needs.

Sony DepthSense Technology: The Secret to High-Quality Output

The DS86 and DS87 cameras produced by our companyboth use Sony DepthSense technology that enables them to produce high-resolution images with superior precision. With a maximum frame rate of 15fps, these cameras can capture moving objects accurately, making them optimal for many different applications.

PoE+ Power Supply and IP67 Protection: Built to Last

Both cameras come equipped with PoE+ power supply modes and offer IP67 protection, ensuring they can withstand tough environments and operate flawlessly even in harsh conditions. With 1000M Ethernet transmission and low-latency data transfer, these cameras guarantee users' safety, being FDA Class I certified.

DS87 vs. DS86: Specs Comparison

DS87 and DS86 have unique features that make them stand out from each other. DS87 uses an M12 aviation plug + M8 aviation plug interface, while DS86 uses an RJ45 + M8 aviation plug interface. The DS87 has a higher IP protection rating of IP67 compared to the DS86's IP42 rating.

In addition, DS87 uses Sony CW iToF sensors with a resolution of 640480dpi, while DS86 also uses Sony CW iToF sensors with similar specs. Both cameras feature a maximum frame rate of 15fps and use 940nm VCSEL2 laser emitters. They also have global exposure and a resolution of 1600*1200dpi for their RGB sensors.

Applications of DS86 and DS87 Cameras

DS86 and DS87 cameras are incredibly versatile and useful in a wide range of fields. They are compatible with Windows, Linux, Arm Linux, ROS1, and ROS2 operating systems, making them ideal for a plethora of applications, including but not limited to object tracking, facial recognition, robotics, and virtual reality.


In conclusion, Vzense's DS86 and DS87 depth cameras represent the pinnacle of technological innovation, offering unparalleled performance and reliability. With cutting-edge features such as Sony DepthSense technology, PoE+ power supply mode, and IP67 protection rating, these cameras are designed to deliver exceptional results in even the most demanding environments. Investing in a DS86 or DS87 camera is a smart decision for anyone looking for high-quality depth sensing technology. These cameras offer unbeatable accuracy, reliability, and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from industrial automation and robotics to healthcare and gaming. So why wait? Experience the difference in quality today and see for yourself why Vzense's DS86 and DS87 depth cameras are the best on the market!

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