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Vzense Big Moments in VISION 2022 and MOTEK 2022

Oct 14, 2022

VISION: The world's leading exhibition for vision and image processing, recently wrapped up at Messe Stuttgart, Germany, from October 4th to 6th. The products which were displayed at VISION cover sensors to processors, cables to cameras, software to hardware, all of which were aiming to provide complete image processing systems and application solutions for various industries.

MOTEK, the international production and assembly automation exhibition, was also held concurrently with VISION on October 4-7. These products primarily focused on production and assembly automation, and logistics intelligent solutions.

As a leader in domestic industrial-grade 3D ToF technology, Vzense Technology already has stable clientele groups and long-term partners in the European market. Additionally, Germany is a country with strong economic strength and a high level of industrial development. Therefore, Vzense Technology just attended this conference and traveled to Germany. Vzense Technology participated in VISION 2022 and MOTEK 2022, taking full advantage of the opportunity to explore further potential cooperation opportunities, and subsequently continuing to expand the European business chain.

Vzense Technology showcased the latest 3D ToF depth camera module products, and presented for the audience various application cases of 3D ToF sensing technology in different industrial automation scenarios and smart logistics scenarios. Some examples included: single-piece separation and depalletizing, AGV high-level obstacle avoidance and pallet identification, dynamic high-speed sorting of parcels, and DWS for volume measurement, etc. All of this was to create a new field of machine vision with the characteristics of high precision and high stability.

VISION booth number: 10C92

MOTEK Booth No.: 1940-2

Thank you for the memorable experience in Germany!

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