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Unlocking Precision Imaging with Vzense's DS86: Unraveling the Power of ToF Technology

Sep 15, 2023

At Vzense, we are committed to pioneering cutting-edge imaging solutions that redefine industries and elevate user experiences. Our DS86, powered by Sony DepthSense technology, stands as a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional 3D ToF sensing technology. In this article, we will explore the remarkable capabilities of DS86, emphasizing its seamless integration, unparalleled accuracy, and versatility.

DS86 - Redefining ToF Sensing Technology

As a leading industrial-grade 3D ToF sensing technology, DS86 sets the standard for precision imaging. With its Sony CW iToF sensor boasting a resolution of 640480dpi and a ToF frame rate of up to 15fps, our camera captures moments with unrivaled clarity. DS86's 940nm VCSEL emitters enable it to perceive depth accurately, providing real-time data for various applications.

Emphasizing Seamless Integration and Adaptability

One of the core strengths of DS86 lies in its seamless integration into existing systems. With both PoE+ and 12V~24V DC power supply options, our camera effortlessly fits into your infrastructure. Its M12 + M8 Aviation Plugs and RJ45+M8 Aviation Plugs ensure robust and reliable physical connections, making setup a breeze.

Moreover, DS86 is designed to adapt to changing lighting conditions with ease. Its Light Change Adaptability feature ensures consistent performance, even in challenging environments, making it ideal for outdoor and industrial use cases.


DS86 - Empowering Vision with Accuracy and Range

Precision matters, and DS86 delivers exceptional results with accuracy levels of less than 1% at 4mm@1m. Whether you're engaged in mobile robotics, target recognition, or volumetric scanning, our camera's accuracy sets new benchmarks. Its work range of 0.15m to 5m further expands its potential across various industries, making it a versatile choice for diverse applications.

Vzense - A Trusted Name in Imaging Solutions

As a company committed to innovation, we are proud to have a track record of over six years, with 400+ satisfied users across 35+ countries. Vzense has earned ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, and ISO14001:2015 certifications, reaffirming our dedication to quality, safety, and environmental standards.


In conclusion, DS86 stands at the forefront of 3D ToF sensing technology, encapsulating the essence of Vzense's commitment to excellence. With its Sony DepthSense capabilities, seamless integration, exceptional accuracy, and versatility, DS86 unlocks new possibilities in imaging applications. At Vzense, we remain driven by our passion for innovation, delivering world-class solutions that empower businesses worldwide. Join us on this transformative journey as we continue to redefine the boundaries of imaging technology.

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