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Unleashing Precision and Versatility with Vzense's Depth Sensor Cameras

Aug 29, 2023

Are you ready to dive into a world of unparalleled precision and versatility? Look no further than Vzense's groundbreaking depth sensor cameras! Join us as we unravel the wonders of Vzense's depth sensor cameras and unlock endless possibilities that will leave you in awe. Get ready to unleash your imagination like never before!

Pulse iToF Technology: Unlocking Long Effective Working Distance

Vzense's depth sensor cameras are built on Pulse iToF technology, enabling them to provide an extended effective working distance. With this technology, our cameras excel in capturing precise depth information even at significant distances. Whether it's object recognition, gesture control, or 3D mapping, Vzense's depth sensor cameras deliver exceptional depth sensing performance, empowering businesses to unlock new dimensions of accuracy and efficiency in their applications.

Customizable Field of View: Tailoring Depth Sensing to Your Needs

Vzense understands that different applications require varying field of view (FoV) requirements. That's why our depth sensor cameras offer customizable FoV options. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the depth sensing capabilities to their specific needs, ensuring optimal performance in their applications. With Vzense's depth sensor cameras, you can fine-tune the FoV to capture the desired depth information, providing precise and reliable results.

High Frame Rate: Suppressing Motion Blur for Dynamic Applications

In dynamic environments, capturing accurate depth information of moving subjects can be a challenge. Vzense's depth sensor cameras address this challenge with their high frame rate capabilities, reaching up to 30 frames per second (fps). This high frame rate ensures that the 3D depth maps remain sharp and detailed, suppressing motion blur and enabling precise depth perception of moving objects. Whether it's robotics, augmented reality, or sports analytics, our depth sensor cameras deliver exceptional depth sensing performance in dynamic scenarios.

Independent Depth Performance: Consistency in Challenging Environments

Vzense's depth sensor cameras offer independent depth performance, meaning our products are not affected by ambient light conditions or darkness. Additionally, the depth performance remains consistent regardless of the colors or patterns of the object being captured. This unique capability ensures reliable and accurate depth sensing, even in challenging lighting conditions or with objects of varying appearances. With Vzense's depth sensor cameras, businesses can rely on consistent depth information for their critical applications.


With long effective working distance, customizable field of view, high frame rate, and independent depth performance, our depth sensor cameras empower businesses across industries. Our depth sensor cameras deliver reliable and precise depth sensing, enabling businesses to create transformative solutions. Partner with Vzense to harness the power of depth sensor technology and unlock new dimensions of depth sensing precision.

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