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Unleashing Precision and Depth with Vzense's iToF Camera

Aug 25, 2023

Vzense, a pioneering technology company, is pushing the boundaries of innovation with our advanced iToF (Indirect Time-of-Flight) camera technology. Built on Sony CW iToF tech and leveraging Sony Depthsense Technology, Vzense's iToF cameras deliver exceptional accuracy, high data flatness, and support for HDR mode. In this article, we will explore the remarkable features and benefits of Vzense's iToF cameras, highlighting the precision, versatility, and ability to capture accurate depth data even in challenging scenarios.

Sony CW iToF Technology: Unmatched Accuracy and Precision

Vzense's iToF cameras are based on Sony CW iToF technology, setting new benchmarks for accuracy and precision in depth sensing. With an accuracy error of less than 1%, Vzense's iToF cameras provide unparalleled depth measurement capabilities. Whether it's object recognition, gesture control, or 3D mapping, our iToF cameras deliver precise and reliable results, enabling businesses to unlock new dimensions of accuracy and efficiency in their applications.

Sony Depthsense Technology: Exceptional Data Flatness

Vzense's iToF cameras incorporate Sony Depthsense Technology, ensuring high data flatness in depth sensing. This advanced technology enhances the consistency and reliability of depth data across the entire field of view. With exceptional data flatness, our iToF cameras provide accurate depth information, enabling businesses to make informed decisions, perform reliable measurements, and deliver superior user experiences. Whether it's virtual reality, augmented reality, or robotics, our iToF cameras deliver exceptional depth perception.

HDR Mode Support: Accurate Depth in Challenging Environments

Vzense's iToF cameras are equipped with HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode support, enabling them to capture accurate depth data even in high contrast and complex scenes. With HDR mode, our iToF cameras excel in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring reliable and precise depth perception. This feature is particularly beneficial in applications where accurate depth information is crucial, such as autonomous navigation, object tracking, and immersive gaming experiences. With Vzense's iToF cameras, businesses can rely on accurate depth data even in the most demanding scenarios.


Vzense's iToF cameras, built on Sony CW iToF technology and incorporating Sony Depthsense Technology, redefine precision and depth sensing capabilities. Whether it's robotics, gaming, or immersive experiences, Vzense's iToF cameras deliver reliable and precise depth data, enabling businesses to create transformative solutions. We have just seen how versatile this camera is, proving that there is no limit when it comes to utilizing Vzense's advanced technology. Partner with Vzense to harness the power of iToF technology and unlock new dimensions of precision in your industry.

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