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Optimizing Resource Allocation using Vzense People Counting Solutions

Sep 08, 2023

As a leading brand in industrial-grade 3D ToF sensing technology, we, Vzense, take pride in offering cutting-edge people counting solutions to track and manage pedestrian flow in diverse environments. Our state-of-the-art technology, based on 3D ToF perception and DCAM series cameras, enables accurate and real-time identification and flow statistics for various applications, including buildings, rooms, railway stations, airports, and more. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of our people counting solutions, their superior features, and real-life case studies showcasing their effectiveness.

Accurate and Privacy-Protected People Counting

At Vzense, we understand the significance of accuracy and privacy in people counting. Our people counting camera and solution boast over 98% counting accuracy, ensuring reliable data for enhanced resource management and revenue sharing. We utilize 3D ToF perception technology, which is less affected by external ambient light, ensuring consistent performance in various lighting conditions.


Moreover, we prioritize data privacy and protection. Our solutions are designed to comply with the highest data security standards, safeguarding sensitive information while delivering valuable insights on pedestrian flow.


Advanced Features and Customization

Our people counting solutions are equipped with advanced features to cater to diverse needs. With a VGA resolution of 640x480 and a frame rate of up to 30fps, our cameras capture high-quality depth images for precise analysis. The customizable Field of View (FoV) allows for a maximum of 102°(H)85°(V) coverage, enabling us to tailor the solution to specific spaces and measurement requirements.

Furthermore, our systems can capture real-time information such as pedestrian stay time and walking paths. This valuable data empowers businesses and public systems to optimize layouts, improve customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions for resource allocation.


Seamless Integration and Open SDK Interfaces

At Vzense, we understand the importance of seamless integration with existing systems. Our people counting solutions are designed to be easily integrated into various environments, offering hassle-free setup and operation. We provide comprehensive support during installation and beyond to ensure a smooth experience for our customers.

Additionally, we offer open SDK interfaces for secondary development. This allows businesses and developers to customize and extend the capabilities of our solutions to meet their unique requirements. The flexibility provided by our open SDK interfaces opens up new possibilities for innovation and application development.



With Vzense People Counting Solutions, businesses and public systems can effectively track and manage pedestrian flow in a privacy-protected manner. Our advanced technology, combined with accurate counting and real-time insights, empowers businesses to enhance resource management and customer experiences. Our dedication to customization, seamless integration, and open SDK interfaces ensures that our solutions are adaptable and future-proof. Partner with Vzense today to unlock the potential of data-driven decision-making and optimize your space for success.

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