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Innovative Imaging: The Advantages of RGB-D Depth Time of Flight Cameras for Industrial Use

Jul 27, 2023

VzenseDS86 and DS87 are high-precision depth cameras designed to provide highly accurate and reliable results for industrial applications. These innovative imaging devices utilize RGB-D Depth Time of Flight technology, which combines a standard camera with an infrared projector to measure the distance between objects accurately.

Advanced Features of RGB-D Depth Time of Flight Cameras

In addition to their shorter response time, higher accuracy, and ability to detect objects in challenging lighting conditions, ourRGB-D Depth Time of Flight cameras offer several other advanced features that make them ideal for industrial use. For example, they can capture depth data in real-time with a high frame rate, making them suitable for various applications where speed is crucial.

Moreover, these cameras can provide depth data with high resolution and precision, ensuring that the captured data is of high quality and accurate. They can also generate 3D point clouds, which are useful in visualizing the environment in different applications such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, and virtual reality.

Another advantage of RGB-D Depth Time of Flight cameras is their non-contact nature, allowing them to capture depth data without physically touching the object. This feature makes them ideal for use in clean environments or situations where physical contact could damage the object being measured.

Furthermore, RGB-D Depth Time of Flight cameras are highly versatile and can be used in various applications. They are widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and entertainment, among others.

The Superiority of Vzense DS86 and DS87 for Industrial Applications

Additionally, the DS86 and DS87 cameras are equipped with advanced algorithms that enable them to filter out unwanted noise and interference for accurate and reliable depth data output. They can operate in a wide temperature range, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

These cameras also support various interfaces such as Ethernet, USB, and RS232, allowing for seamless integration into different systems and applications. The cameras' compact size makes them easy to install and use in diverse industrial and commercial settings, including robotics, automation, logistics, and more.

With their advanced features, high accuracy, and excellent performance, the DS86 and DS87 cameras provide a cost-effective solution for 3D imaging, object recognition, and tracking, enabling efficient and reliable real-time decision-making in industrial and commercial applications.


In summary, Vzense DS86 and DS87 are the best choice for professionals looking for reliable and accurate depth cameras for industrial applications. These high-precision depth cameras combine advanced features and superior performance, delivering a superior experience in various fields, from autonomous navigation to robotics and facial recognition systems.

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