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3D Depth Camera: Introducing Vzense's High-Performance Technology

Jul 20, 2023

Vzense is a leading manufacturer of 3D depth cameras, which are widely used in industrial applications. These cameras use advanced technology to capture high-precision depth data and provide accurate object recognition and positioning. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the features and benefits of Vzense's 3D depth sensing cameras.

Introducing 3D Depth Cameras

A 3D depth camera is a type of camera that uses infrared sensors to measure the distance between objects and create 3D images. This technology is widely used in various industries, including robotics, automation, and virtual reality. It provides precise and reliable depth information, enabling accurate object recognition and tracking.

Introducing Vzense's 3D Depth Sensing Camera

Vzense's 3D depth sensing cameras are equipped with Sony DepthSense iToF sensors, combined with high-precision detection of reflected light phase pixel technology (CAPD) and back-illuminated CMOS image sensor (BSI) high-speed pixel technology. This combination enhances the light collection efficiency and speed of distance measurement processing, resulting in accurate and stable high-performance depth data that ensures high precision for industrial applications.

Benefits of Vzense's 3D Depth Cameras

  • High Precision: Vzense's 3D depth cameras are based on Sony continuous wave iToF technology, ensuring stable and precise data with an accuracy error of less than 1%.

  • Excellent Object Detection: The cameras offer outstanding detection of black and highly reflective objects, thanks to Sony DepthSense Tech and HDR mode support.

  • Dual-Frequency Mode: Vzense's 3D depth cameras operate in two frequency modes and can cover distances from 0.15 to 5 meters, providing accurate results in various industrial scenarios.

  • Robust Industrial Performance: These cameras deliver high-precision, stable performance and can provide accurate data even in challenging environments. They are resistant to the impact of lighting changes, making them suitable for use in outdoor or dark environments.

  • Multiple Models and Interfaces: Vzense offers multiple models and interfaces that cater to different industry needs. RJ45/M12 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, PoE+/DC power supply modes, and IP42/IP67 waterproof and dustproof levels are some of the available options.


By providing accurate depth information, Vzense's 3D depth sensing cameras enable businesses to make informed decisions about their operations. This can include identifying areas where improvements can be made, detecting defects in products, and ensuring that quality standards are met. With the ability to capture precise data about objects in their surroundings, these cameras also offer opportunities for businesses to innovate and develop new products and services. Overall, Vzense's 3D depth cameras provide a reliable and cost-effective way for businesses to optimize their production processes, improve efficiency, and enhance their overall operations.

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