Smart Logistics

  • Smart Logistics
  • · Parcels Recognition and Sorting
    · Palletizing and Depalletizing
    · Dimension Measurement
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Visual Guidance

  • Visual Guidance
  • · Visual Control for Delta Robot
    · Electric Fence
    · Smart Agriculture
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  • AGV
  • · Collision Avoidance
    · Pallet recognition
    · Agriculture AGV
    · Inspection AGV
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Gesture Perception

  • Gesture Perception
  • · People Counting
    · Falling Detection
    · Interactive Gaming
    · Body Scanning
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[SDK] [DS Series] How to solve the problem if reporting errors when compiling Nebula SDK?

First, ensure that the downloaded Nebula SDK is unzipped under the Linux system, and do not copy it for use after unzipping in the Windows system; Secondly, ensure that all files in the lib folder (including the config file) are copied to your own project files.

[Product] How does the ToF camera perform outdoors (strong sunlight)?

The image captured by the ToF camera can maintain high stability when the light changes, which is one of the reasons why many users choose the ToF camera. To understand the performance of Vzense ToF camera outdoors, you can view this video:

[Product] How to customize Vzense 3D ToF module?

For batch requirements, Vzense can deeply customize 3D ToF modules in terms of appearance design, size and structure, use distance, view angle, interface protocol and operating system SDK. According to different customization requirements, the development cycle varies. Generally, it takes 2-3 months for prototype samples, and it takes a total of 5-6 months for products to reach the mass production stage.

[Product] Does too high ambient temperature affect the stability of the camera?

The stability of the module will not be affected when the environment temperature is not higher than the temperature marked on each product. It is recommended that the limiting service temperature should not exceed - 20 ℃~60 ℃. All types of camera products have been tested for high and low temperature reliability. If it needs to be used in extreme high temperature environment, it is recommended to add external heat dissipation design, such as heat sink or fan, which will protect the mold from long-time operation.

[Product] Why does the depth image bend when taking a right angle wall with a ToF camera?

Multipath interference will occur in the corners of right angles, the light from the camera will reflect back and forth in the corners, so it looks like there will be radian.

[Product] Can the ToF camera be used in rainy days? Will rain wet the lens affect the camera performance?

Rainy environment will affect the measurement accuracy of the camera, so it is not recommended to use it in rain. For several cameras meeting IP67 standard, the camera will not be damaged in rainy environment.

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