Smart Logistics

  • Smart Logistics
  • · Parcels Recognition and Sorting
    · Palletizing and Depalletizing
    · Dimension Measurement
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Visual Guidance

  • Visual Guidance
  • · Visual Control for Delta Robot
    · Electric Fence
    · Smart Agriculture
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  • AGV
  • · Collision Avoidance
    · Pallet recognition
    · Agriculture AGV
    · Inspection AGV
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Gesture Perception

  • Gesture Perception
  • · People Counting
    · Falling Detection
    · Interactive Gaming
    · Body Scanning
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[SDK] How to obtain color point cloud with RGB mapping in SDK?

The SDK does not directly provide samples of color point clouds with RGB mapping. Call can be completed according to the following process: 1. Set VZ_ SetTransformColorImgToDepthSensorEnabled to Enable; 2. Obtain VzTransformedColorFrame image and point cloud generated by depth; 3. Save the VzTransformedColorFrame and point cloud obtained in 2 as a xyzrgb point cloud file.

[SDK] When running the program under Tools of the Linux Base SDK, if it prompted with "error while loading shared libraries file too short", what is the reason?

The above errors are generally caused by the user downloading and unzipping the SDK on a Windows computer, and then copying the unzipped file to the Linux system. Please copy the downloaded SDK package directly to the Linux system, unzip it on the Linux system, and then run it.

[SDK] During the use of SDK, can the Ps2_ ReadNextFrame timeout be changed?

Yes, set up via interface Ps2_ SetWaitTimeOfReadNextFrame. Please refer to the SDK documentation for specific steps.

[SDK] During the use of SDK, what is the reason for the timeout of Ps2_ ReadNextFrame?

Ps2_ ReadNextFrame is used to query the SDK image ready. If there is no ready, it will sleep and wait. If the image cannot be obtained during the default waiting time, it will timeout and exit. The default timeout is 350ms. However, if the user uses the slave trigger mode, because the trigger frequency is uncertain, when the frequency exceeds the default timeout, the user will also receive a read timeout, but the use will not be affected.

[SDK] Where is the Vzense SDK log stored?

Windows: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Vzense\Log Linux:  /home/.config/Vzense/Log

[SDK] Are the images displayed using Vzense graphical software tools for post-processing? How to view the effects of various post-processing algorithms?

Yes. Users can use GUI tools to adjust and set the switches of various processing effects according to the instructions, determine the required processing effects or parameters according to their own project needs, and adjust the module default values through various interfaces in the SDK.

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