Smart Logistics

  • Smart Logistics
  • · Parcels Recognition and Sorting
    · Palletizing and Depalletizing
    · Dimension Measurement
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Visual Guidance

  • Visual Guidance
  • · Visual Control for Delta Robot
    · Electric Fence
    · Smart Agriculture
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  • AGV
  • · Collision Avoidance
    · Pallet recognition
    · Agriculture AGV
    · Inspection AGV
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Gesture Perception

  • Gesture Perception
  • · People Counting
    · Falling Detection
    · Interactive Gaming
    · Body Scanning
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Customized Product-2


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Customized Product-2
Product Name
ToF Sensor
ToF Frame Rate
ToF Field of View
RGB Module
RGB Field of View
Power Supply
Physical Connection
Output Format
Work Range
Work Temperature
Operation System & Platform
SDK Support
IP Rating

Learn more in Downloads

Learn more inDownloads

Learn more in GitHub or FAQ for SDK question


Customized Product-1

Customized Product-1

Customized Product-3

Customized Product-3
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