Robot Vision

Use the Vzense ToF depth camera for your robotics needs, including visual navigation, obstacle avoidance and SLAM of various types of robots. It effectively replaces the traditional laser radar, making the robot see and understand the surrounding environment.


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vzense TOF depth camera endows the sweeper with sapiential eyes to perceive the world around it and plan the best cleaning path based on deep learning..


Service Robot

Combining with 3D visual information, we can accurately judge distance and recognize face and expression, and interact more humanistically.


Industrial Robot

Vzense TOF depth camera provides high-precision 3D visual information, making industrial robots more intelligent and efficient in industrial intelligent manufacturing.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Long-distance, wide-angle and high-precision depth and distance data can effectively assist the UAV in accurate navigation, obstacle avoidance and map building.