Smart Logistics

  • Smart Logistics
  • · Parcels Recognition and Sorting
    · Palletizing and Depalletizing
    · Dimension Measurement
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Visual Guidance

  • Visual Guidance
  • · Visual Control for Delta Robot
    · Electric Fence
    · Smart Agriculture
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  • AGV
  • · Collision Avoidance
    · Pallet recognition
    · Agriculture AGV
    · Inspection AGV
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Gesture Perception

  • Gesture Perception
  • · People Counting
    · Fall Detection
    · AFC
    · Body Scanning
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[Operation] [DCAM Series] How to upgrade the firmware of Vzense DCAM Series ToF cameras?

Refer to the download and instructions link: (Upgrade tool with documents) (Firmware list)

[Operation] [DCAM Series] How to operate and change the product default parameters (such as output mode, IP settings, etc.)?

Use the configuration tool under Windows environment to configure, see the link:

[SDK] The development language and operating system platform supported by Vzense ToF camera?

Development language: C/C++, ROS, Python, C # operating system: Windows/Linux/Arm Linux

[SDK] How to use Vzense products for secondary development?

Vzense Software Development Kit (SDK) supports SDKs of different software platforms and programming languages to help users quickly build and expand customized solutions. SDK download link:

[SDK] Does the depth value of each point of the camera refer to the distance from the point to the camera point or the distance from the point to the camera plane?

The default is the distance from the point to the camera plane. You can call interface Ps2_ SetComputeRealDepthCorrectionEnabled: true (the default value) represents the distance from the point to the camera plane; False represents the distance from the point to the camera point.

[SDK] How to obtain color point cloud with RGB mapping in SDK?

The SDK does not directly provide samples of color point clouds with RGB mapping. Call can be completed according to the following process: 1. Set VZ_ SetTransformColorImgToDepthSensorEnabled to Enable; 2. Obtain VzTransformedColorFrame image and point cloud generated by depth; 3. Save the VzTransformedColorFrame and point cloud obtained in 2 as a xyzrgb point cloud file.

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