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[Operation] After using the upgrade tool to upgrade the Windows system, how to solve the problem of flash back of the operating platform?

There is an upgrade driver in the upgrade tool. If the driver is not installed, this problem will occur. After the driver is successfully installed, the flash back problem will be solved.

[Operation] Why can't I open the IR map and depth map saved through GUI? How to view the point cloud map?

Whether for UTool used by DCAM series or NebulaGUI used by DS series, the IR and Depth images saved by both are 16bit image data, which cannot be opened by using the system's own image browser, but can be opened and viewed by using software such as ImageJ; The point cloud map saved by the GUI is in. txt format. From top to bottom, it is the coordinate point information from pixel 0 to the last pixel. The values in each row are the X, Y, Z coordinates of the pixel. The saved point cloud map can be viewed using CloudCompare software. For related instructions, please refer to the link:

[Operation] [DS Series] How to improve the camera's detection of black objects?

TOF camera calculates the distance from the object to the camera by calculating the time between the light from the camera and the return light from the object received by the camera. Different object surface colors and materials have different reflectivity and absorptivity to light. Therefore, if the measured object is a smooth black object, it may not be recognized. The following methods can be tried: 1. Reduce the product frame rate (for example, 5 frames) and increase the exposure time (for example, 4000); 2. Change the Confidence filter threshold to 2 or 5

[Operation] [DS Series] How to change the default parameters of the product (such as output mode, IP settings, etc.)?

DS series does not support parameter configuration such as device output mode, but only supports changing device network mode and IP. If you need to change the camera output mode, frame rate and other parameters, you can call the SDK interface. For specific methods, refer to the SDK development documentation. Change IP tool: (Including usage documents)

[Operation] [DS Series] How to upgrade the firmware of the Vzense DS Series ToF camera?

You can upgrade through NebulaGUITool under Windows. The link is: (Including upgrade firmware and usage documents)

[Operation] [DCAM Series] Each time the device is initialized, the camera related parameters, such as range, mode, pulsecount, must be reconfigured. Can they be written permanently?

Yes, the common parameters for camera startup can be configured and written permanently through VzenseConfigTool, and there is no need to set them through the API when starting again.

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