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[Product] Is the light source used by Vzense ToF camera harmful to human body?

The total power of VCSEL device used in Vzense ToF camera does not exceed 2W. The product has passed the FDA Class 1 eye safety level certification, and will not cause harm to human body.

[Product] When using Vzense ToF depth camera to measure black, highlight and transparent objects, will the measurement accuracy be affected?

It will be. When measuring black, highlight and transparent objects, the reflectivity of the object surface is too high/low, which will interfere with the reflection light path to a certain extent, resulting in reduced accuracy or even inability to image. In addition, when the ToF depth camera is measuring objects, if the light path in front of the lens is blocked, the measurement accuracy will also be reduced.

[Product] For Vzense RGB-D cameras (such as DCAM560C and DS77C), are RGB images aligned with depth images?

Yes. Before the standard Vzense RGB-D camera leaves the factory, the internal and external parameters have been calibrated. The output RGB image and the depth image have been aligned on the camera's internal processor. At the same time, the interface for users to align themselves has been opened. After the user gets the camera, he can view the alignment effect between RGB and depth map through the GUI. There are two alignment effects for viewing: RGB pixel points correspond to depth image pixel points, and depth image pixel points correspond to RGB pixel points.

[Product] Can the lens surface of Vzense's ToF camera be protected by adding a transparent cover plate?

No.The product body has been equipped with a protective cover plate. If you have additional requirements for the hardness of the cover plate, you can contact us for customization. The maximum hardness can reach 9H. If the user adds a cover plate by himself/herself, it will interfere with the optical path of the ToF module, which will greatly affect the imaging quality and accuracy of the module.

[Product] [DCAM Series] When multiple cameras are used at the same time, will there be mutual interference?

Vzense's DCAM series products provide effective methods to eliminate or reduce the impact of multi machine interference for different use scenarios. Please refer to our application notes for details. Note link:

[Operation] Why can I search for network devices but can't turn on the camera?

There are several situations when the camera cannot be turned on when the webcam is found: 1 Whether the connection between the camera and the host is good, and whether the network card of the host is available. 2. The camera and the host are not in the same network segment. If the camera is set to a non DHCP mode, make sure that the fixed IP address of the camera is on the same network segment as the host, such as 192.168.1. X. If the camera is set to DHCP mode, please ensure that the camera and the host are in the same LAN, and the router/switch has the DHCP sever function. 3. Whether the network permission to run the software is restricted. 4. Whether the UDP function of the network is prohibited by the LAN security policy. 5. Whether the 900790089009 port number of the LAN is prohibited. 6. Whether the power supply of the camera is sufficient. If you use a non PoE mode, make sure that the adapter is turned on and plugged in. If none of the above measures can solve the problem, please use the ipconfig command to check the network status on the PC side, and disable the network except for the same network segment with the camera to search for devices again. If the problem still can’t be solved after that, please contact our engineer for support.

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