Industrial application with TOF sensor

A new angle to view the world

Automation with 3D imaging

Industrial Automation

Vzense helps develop industrial intelligent manufacturing by achieving high-precision detection, identification, guidance and positioning.

TOF sensor could measure dimension of package and help determination of shipping cost in logistics.

Intelligent Logistics

Vzense's intelligent sensing technology can help you streamline your logistics. Vzense helps allocate resources and intelligently manages logistics and warehousing.

TOF is best solution for DMS (Driver Minitoring System)


Providing services such as driver detection, gesture recognition and in-vehicle safety monitoring systems for the automotive industry.

TOF sensor could help to monitor, track people activity in the public area.

Smart Retail


Combining artificial intelligence with big data, Vzense upgrades smart operations management and creates a new engaging customer experience. 

TOF enables the hand tracking and gesture recognition in AR, VR and MR


Deepen your customer experience by providing an immersive interactive experience for the entertainment industry.

TOF will help the live detection in face ID.

Financial Security

Vzense enables features such as facial recognition and behavior analysis to make financial security safer, more efficient and smarter.

TOF sensor provide extra valuable position for collivision avoidance in AMR along with other sensors.

Robot Vision

Vzense depth camera for your robotics needs, including visual navigation, obstacle avoidance and SLAM of various types of robots. 

Interactive projector

Vense module allows you to integrate hand gesture interaction method into projectors. Depth camera can track your hands movement in millimeter grade, within millisecond time frame, it also support multi-user experience.

Colored depth image


Add motion control feature to projectors and smart TV, use body motion and hand gesture recognition instead of your remoter and traditional game controllers, give home entertainment better and more intuitive interact experience.

Skeleton tracking

Through its unique AI algorithm and post-detect tracking technology, Vzense achieves pedestrian and skeleton tracking with excellent precision. Tracking data can be used in behavior recognition and analysis.

3D Point Cloud Map


Combine depth sensing with inertia measurement, great for building self-navigation system, help to give drones and robots the ability to work in complex environment, as well as high accuracy SLAM, real-time positional tracking, obstacle avoidance, and object recognition.